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How to update edge cts2 download. Update your Edge device or shop for Edge Products online updates like Insight to Evolution or extended warranty options for your Edge Device. *MyStyle™ software is only compatible with the Evolution CS/CTS devices and CS2/CTS2. If you have version you must update your device before using the MyStyle™ software. Download the Fusion Update Software Getting Started A computer with internet access is required: STEP 1 - Go to STEP 2 - Click the UPDATES tab, then DOWNLOAD.

STEP 3 - Open the file, then clickRun. STEP 4 - Click Next to begin. STEP 5 - Choose a folder location, then click Next to continue. Getting Started Download the Fusion Update Software A computer with internet access is required: STEP 1 - Go to STEP 2 - Click the UPDATES tab, then DOWNLOAD.

STEP 3 - Open the file, then click Run. STEP 4 - Click Next to begin. STEP 5 - Choose a folder location, then click Next to continue.

Simply download the latest software update for your CS or CTS from Edge Products for FREE, and take advantage of this powerful new tool in controlling the performance, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle. MAINTENANCE MANAGER FEATURES • Customize a comprehensive list of maintenance items to monitor.

Version of Edge Products CS and CTS platform is now available through Edge Products Fusion Software update tool! Version adds several new updates to keep up to speed with current technology, new PIDS, and other innovative features designed for the Juice with Attitude, Evolution, and Insight CS and CTS line of products. When updating the CTS2 I purchased recently and the CTS I have sold, Edge Fusion Software has a pop-up that lets you know you can upgrade your CTS/CTS2 to a programmer.

I contacted Edge and the cost is $ for a gasoline vehicle and $ for a diesel truck. Evolution CTS2 Juice with Attitude CS2 Juice with Attitude CTS2 Legacy Evolution Evolution CTS3 PERFORMANCE KITS. Stage 1 Kits Diesel Stage 2 Kits Diesel Stage 1 Kits Gas INTAKES.

Jammer Oiled Filter Jammer Dry Filter Oiled Replacement Filter. The Insight CTS2 features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera directly to the CTS2 unit.

MYSTYLE SOFTWARE (included) view video MyStyleTM software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your choice, size, crop and save to your CS2. The Juice with Attitude CTS2 features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera directly to the CTS2 unit.

MYSTYLETM SOFTWARE (included) view video MyStyleTM software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your choice, size, crop and. I updated my Edge CTS2 and lost a bunch of pids, I emailed Edge and they said.?That is a bug that engineering is working on.

Unfortunately when the update was released there was also a few other PID issues that arose. You will need to call us so we can make a case for you and add your device to a calibration that will fix that.

Thank you. Introducing the all new Edge Attitude CTS2, Evolution CTS2, and Insight CTS2. Head to for details. If you have an Edge Insight CS/CTS, CS2, CTS2 there is an update available for your device. New features: Tire Size Adjustments Mobile Regen New PIDs: Regeneration Status Distance Since Last Regen (in case you lost it on previous update) Fuel Rail Pressure Com Information Link.

Trying to update my Cts 2 and am just getting this message when I plug it into my truck. But when I plug it into my computer it says its up to date. Ill be getting edge a call tomorrow just wondered if anyone knew a simple fix. You'd use the mini USB cable included with the tuner.

The mini USB would plug into the side of the tuner, the standard USB would plug into the USB connector of your computer. The procedure for updating your CTS2 is listed in the owner's manual. expert reply by: Mike L. 0. All edge does is offer 30%off a new cts2. They've washed their hands of the older models. You can try updating the firmware and such but I doubt that will solve it. SSchmi LLY Cult Leader. 3, 1 36 Arizona. #4 I had a CTS2 doing that same thing recently.

Screen would register the touch like 1/2" to the right of. To check for an install Edge updates, head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Windows will check for updates and offer to install them.

Updates for the Edge browser are included in normal cumulative update packages for the Windows 10 operating system. On Windows 10, Windows Update automatically installs updates so Edge browser. Innovation and quality are part of Edge’s DNA. The Evolution has no peer in the marketplace and is designed for “WOW”! Evolution is the ultimate in-cabin tun.

Thoroughbred Diesel offers a full line of Edge CTS2 programmers. With the new large 5 inch color touch screen the Edge CTS2 is a popular choice for all diese. Update: Called Edge's Tech Support and had them "roll back" my revision level for my serial number CTS2. Did the one time update and got back my Urea Level indication. Unfortunately, this also removed the recently added EGT PID on the exhaust manifold but, oh well, I would rather know when to start thinking about adding DEF. All of our Edge Insight CTS2 Comprehensive Gauge Display come equipped with a factory reset feature that will return the display to the factory default settings.

All records and input data will be deleted and not recoverable. To do this you will need to follow these 4 steps: 1. Enter the Quick Link menu. Best Setting on the Edge Evolution Programmer for Performance and Speed on a Ford F; Can a Used Edge Programmer be Used on a Different Vehicle. Is the Edge Evolution # EP Compatible with a Ford Expedition L; Will Edge Performance Chip Work On Ford F.

CTS2 Update Problem. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. JJ Dmax only for it to come up with the same red screen. brought it back in and hooked it back up to fusion and it says no update. ofcourse its the weekend and edge is too good to have customer support on the weekends so I'm hoping one of yall have had this issue and know how to. Edge Products. August 3, . ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention CTS2 owners, Maintenance Manager has been released!

This allows you to manage vehicle maintenance items via set up and customization, alerts for services coming due, etc. To update your device, visit our site here: fusion software Click on the button below to download the Fusion.

If you already have the Edge backup camera you will need an updated cable to make work. Other than everything will be a plug-n-play. Overall, we find the new CTS3 to be a very nice and recommended upgrade over the CTS2 and sure it will get even better over time with Edge updates. Edge release a new firmware update for the CS2 and CTS2 that includes the return of DEF level and some other useful PIDS.

Full details can be found on the Edge web site here. The Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2 unlocks the potential of your diesel engine. The CTS2 features an astounding 5" full color-high res screen, a slim case design, and an intuitive interface.

Once you buy the CTS2 you'll be wondering how you ever lived without this amazing tuner. To update Microsoft Edge on a PC, you'll have to head to either the "About Microsoft Edge" page, or Windows' Settings menu.

On a Mac, you can update Microsoft Edge Author: Taylor Lyles. EDGE Insight CTS2 recent updates. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. HeavyAssault Premium Member. Joined 10, Posts.

Discussion Starter • #1 •. This might have been out sooner but I recently updated my device. The Edge Products Insight Pro CTS2 provides your GM L Duramax & Ford L/L/L Powerstroke with the industry leading, best-in-class digital gauge display, that doubles as a flash programmer allowing you to load up to 4 custom tunes in your truck! Simply read out your stock file, and send it to your preferred tuner. Edge CTS2 Update for L5P.

Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 37 of 37 Posts. Prev. 1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. M. MIkey52 Registered. Joined 1, Posts #21 •. I agree the dpf soot level could let you know when a regen is coming. If you want to tune your truck, you have to use the Edge Evolution for box tunes or the Edge Insight CTS2 Pro for custom tuning with HP tuning.

It also has to be updated by plugging into a computer directly which is a little outdated compared to some other options that update automatically via the cloud. The Edge Evolution CTS2 combines all of the old features of the Evolution CTS with a striking new look. The slimmer, sleeker screen is 5" of full color, high resolution display. The larger screen allows for an upgraded interface that allows custom screen backgrounds, a custom color mixer for your gauge arcs and needles, and most importantly.

Installed the edge cts2 on my 03 silverado hd. Make sure you follow instructions in the booklet, not the quick start guide, you have to update the product before installation. My internet speed is below optimal, barely able to stream video on one device, but it's my only option. Edge insight CTS2 opinions. Jump to Latest Follow The cts2 imo has the best display on the market and it's nice to be able to monitor so many things with the push of a button.

Also nice to be able to read and clear CELs How often does edge update their products? Wondering if they might update or improve it soon.

to see if I can get Edge reinitialized, but Edge doesn't even start now (flash and close) Even if I copy the folder back from the backup, Edge still doesn't start. System restore doesn't help, too. I think I just screwed up. If I switch to another user account, Edge can start normally.

So, the problem is certainly in my account. Can Edge CTS2 Programmer be Used while Towing and Give Additional Fuel Mileage; Is Edge Programmer for Ford F Diesel Easy to Install; Does Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 Performance Tuner # EP Economy Tune Affect Transmission; Is Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 # EP Easy to Install on GMC Sierra with liter Diesel.

The Juice with Attitude CTS2, Evolution CTS2, and Insight CTS2 all offer their own style and features to make sure your Powerstroke, Cummins, or Duramax are cranking out the HP! Observe and understand your vehicle’s parameters using Edge’s state-of-the-art technology. Shop below for the Edge Insight digital monitor for your gas or diesel pickup truck. The Edge Insight is offered in several options to best fit your needs. Choose from the Insight CS2 or Insight CTS2, either color screen or color touch screen options.

Edge has recently expanded the Insight line to. Edge Insight CS/CTS, CS2, CTS2 Update. Jump to Latest Follow updated my CTS2 and it worked fine and I had my truck at the dealer yesterday and they updated the PCM with the latest update and it's gone.

When the CTS2 first turns on it flashes the last regen distance before the PCM was flashed and quickly goes to 0. The Evolution CTS2 reprograms your vehicles stock computer. It resides in the cab with one simple cable connection to the OBDII (diagnostic) port. The Evolution is used to save the stock files from the vehicles computer and then upload the Edge calibrations into the vehicles computer.

Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer (Install Errors) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts it wouldn't be a huge deal to send the ECM to Edge and have them find the problem, however this is my daily driver and I depend on having my vehicle to get me from A to B. Programmer is being sent back and I'm expecting a refund. I'll update everyone. Still don't know if it was the different size tires or the calibration with the cts2 that caused all the havic.

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